Monday, October 5, 2009

Kamau 83

Email with attached photographs that I received from Kamau

Kamau had called me shortly before I saw this to tell me Police Complaint Center operative Greg Slate had been attacked in front of a Washington, D.C. post office where he had been heading to mail me some sort of package [I never received this or knew what it was]. Kamau said Slate had been hurt badly enough to be hospitalized for several days, that they both believed the attack was related to my case, that Slate had managed to hang onto the package despite the attack, and that the men who attacked Slate had been African-American and had been dressed in military-type clothing. Kamau told me he was sending this email from Greg Slate's mother and that it contained graphic photographs; I told him I believed him and did not wish to see the photographs, but he sent them anyway. (Kamau also said on the phone that the photos would show Slate's face, but they don't.)

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