Friday, October 9, 2009

Explanation of Text Message Posts

The next group of documents I will be posting from my case involving Diop Kamau and the Police Complaint Center will be a series of computer printouts of text messages that were sent by myself, Kamau, and Greg Slate. As soon as I realized I'd been conned, I began trying to send copies of all the text messages still stored in my cell phone to my email account and printing them out (but this was extremely time-consuming and difficult because we discovered our computer was suddenly being hacked frequently and our dial-up internet connection was being radically slowed, turned off and on at critical times, etc. (I also complained about this to the FBI, but they wouldn't do anything.)

In these text message printouts, "D.K." means the sender was Diop Kamau, "M.L." means the sender was me, and "G.S." means the sender was Greg Slate. It's important to note that the dates on these text messages are the dates I printed them out, NOT the dates they were sent. (I didn't realize this until later.) There were many more text messages sent back and forth than this (remember, Kamau had asked me to text him every time we left our house, for ex.); these are simply all the messages that were still preserved in my cell phone at the time. This means that some of them were fairly old while others were quite recent. Any prosecution of Kamau or court cases against Kamau will find a wealth of additional information by obtaining a complete record of the text messages that were sent back and forth between us.

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