Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kamau 218 and 219

Two pages that were attached to the previous email (Kamau 217).
Important note: Because I know I made the small handwritten address correction at the top of Kamau 218 right before I sent it, I'm positive these pages were part of my private fax to the San Antonio personal injury lawer (sent with Kamau 203 as its cover page). I sent this fax by regular fax from my wired/landline phone number (unlisted), NOT by eFax as explained just below.

[Comment: I believe Rob Jones and Diop Kamau had illegally obtained these pages from my private fax to an attorney and brazenly emailed them back to me just to let me know they had them. This email, which consists of Kamau 217, 218, and 219 together, provides a definite link between Rob Jones, Diop Kamau, and whomever illegally provided them with copies of my private fax to an attorney. For more detailed discussions of these documents, see the posts entitled "Illegal Surveillance, Part IV" from 11/14/09 and "Illegal Surveillance Summary" from 11/17/09.]

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  1. Oops!--I've just realized that Kamau 219 shown here is actually the same as Kamau 206 posted earlier (which also means it's out of order). At the time I posted it, I didn't notice that Kamau had tacked on a copy of his earlier email to me.