Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kamau 217

Email I received from Investigator Rob Jones, whom Kamau said worked for him. Attached to this email were the two pages posted above as Kamau 218 and 219.
Important notes: This email contains our correct and unlisted phone number that is shared by both our landline phone and our fax machine. However, I DO NOT have an eFax account, and I never have. (I even called eFax and verified this in order to be sure someone hadn't opened one using my number without my knowledge.) I certainly DID NOT send this eFax or email as the subject line implies. As you can see, someone sent this to both Diop Kamau and Rob Jones previously.
[There is more detailed discussion of this document posted at under the 11/14/09 post entitled "Illegal Surveillance, Part IV" and also under the 11/17/09 post entitled "Illegal Surveillance Summary".]

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