Sunday, September 13, 2009


Because there is so much misinformation about Diop Kamau (aka Don Jackson) and his Police Complaint Center (PCC) floating around on the internet, I've decided to create this blog as a way to educate people and set the record straight on many related matters. I believe that most people, when given the facts, will be able to form their own conclusions about what is and isn't true. It's my intention to make this blog a sort of "bulletin board" of copies of actual documents from Kamau's cases. Wherever possible, the documents will be posted with only minimal descriptions or explanations needed for clarity so readers can make up their own minds about what was occurring at the time. I will then open up the "Comments" sections below each posted document with as few restrictions as possible in order to foster open discussion of the documents' contents (with the understanding that all comments be respectful, contain no foul language, etc. or I will be forced to remove them).

Besides setting the record straight, it is my hope that this website will be used as a valuable research resource by consumers, law enforcement, organizations considering recommeding the Police Complaint Center to potential clients, and interested others. Because my own case involving Kamau and the PCC has extensive documentation and is the one I know the most about, I will start by posting the most important of my documents, and I will try whenever possible (given the limits of this blog) to post them in approximate chronologic order. I will also be posting related documents from others, including some responses from law enforcement and consumer organizations, when I believe they contain important information the public should be aware of as long as ongoing/pending investigations are not compromised by doing so. After I've finished posting my documentation, I will begin seeking permission to publish some of the case documents from other people around the U.S. who have also hired Kamau and the PCC, since I'm currently in touch with a number of them.

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