Sunday, September 13, 2009


On 8/30/06, I visited the Police Complaint Center’s website,, after reading about it on an extensive listing of criminal justice resources at After reviewing the PCC website, including posted biographical information about its founder, Diop Kamau (formerly Don Jackson) and the listings of various television investigations they’d done and the awards they’d received (including Emmys), I decided to file a complaint with them against my local police department (Fredericksburg, TX) regarding serious harassment and lack of response that had begun shortly after my husband suddenly left me in June 1999. I explained that my (now) ex-husband and his brother were life-long best friends with the local police chief, Paul Oestreich. Immediately after filing my complaint using the PCC's online form, I was given a confirmation confirmation i.d. of dkamau-cmpfom1021874.

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