Friday, December 11, 2009

Additional Information

I have some important additional information I need to share. I will soon start posting copies of a sampling of posts various people have made on the web concerning Kamau, the PCC, and various associates. These will be postings not directly related to my case, will be in random order, and will be listed as "Webpost [#]" for identification purposes and to differentiate them from my own case documents. I'm doing this in order to give interested parties a collection of what's been/being said on the web regarding or by Kamau and co. that they can quickly and easily browse. In addition to posts I've collected, I'm also interested in knowing about additional posts when you run across them. I've set up an email address,, for you to send these to, and you can either send them anonymously or with your contact information (which I will not post).

I am also looking for case documents from other victims to post here (with all identifying information covered). I'm not as interested in why you went to Kamau and the PCC; I'm mainly wanting to post copies of contracts, emails or letters or text messages you received from Kamau or others, and copies of the backs of any checks you wrote to Kamau or anyone else connected with the PCC (with all account info. removed, of course; what's important here is who endorsed your check and how they did it). Also of critical importance is any proof/documentation of either mail or wire fraud by anyone connected with the PCC, since this makes it easier to catch the feds.' attention and stiffens the potential penalties considerably. If you are willing to share anything here, please email me at the address.


1) This is the MOST important thing to do, and you should do it as soon as you possibly can! Go to the website, click on "File A Complaint", read the instructions, fill out the webform as accurately as you can, and submit it. It is fairly quick, easy, and you can always use the code #s you will be given at the end to go back and make changes or additions later. Please do this even if you were victimized a long time ago, and if you've already filed a complaint with them in the past, you need to file your same complaint again if it was filed before 2009. (Someone in federal law enforcement told me this.) The reason this is so important is that several of us have been told by the FBI that they usually won't go after anyone unless the dollar amounts of losses are over $250,000. We know they are easily over this by the # of victims we're in touch with plus ones we've seen who have posted their info. on the 'net, but we need to get cases filed formally so the dollar amounts on record will go over this. (If you know anyone else who's lost money to Kamau, please get them to file complaints as well.)

2) Also fill out and submit an online complaint form at the FTC's website. I think their complaints end up at the same places as iC3, but because they're also federal, I still think it's helpful to file with them as well so we can keep up the pressure on the feds. Both of these federal complaint systems are completely private; that's important, because Kamau has a serious retaliation history (more on this in a minute).

3) I also strongly recommend that you make copies of ALL of your documentation (emails, letters, contracts, invoices, cancelled checks, equipment, and anything else you have from your dealings with Kamau and the PCC) and take them with you to your local FBI office. You don't have to make an appointment; just show up during business hours and ask to talk to an agent. You can expect to get the brush-off to some extent, so be sure to tell them you are in touch with our group, that the total losses to fraud from this guy are high, that he retaliates against victims who complain in scary ways, and that you will be continuing to complain if they refuse to do anything.

4) Email Mike Matthews with the FL p.i. licensing bureau and tell him what Kamau et al. did to you. Mike's contact info. is: Mike Matthews, Bureau of Regulation and Enforcement, P.O. Box 6687, Tallahassee, FL 32314-6687, 850-833-9146, Fax 850-833-9149. You should know that Kamau has lost his p.i. license in FL, that the PCC is not licensed in FL, that Kamau's associate Greg Slate has never been licensed as a p.i. as far as I know(but has often impersonated one and got Kamau in trouble as a result; it was for this reason that Slate and Kamau parted company, despite what Kamau has posted on the internet), and that as far as anyone in our group is aware, Kamau is not licensed to work as a p.i. in any other state. (You should also try to file a complaint against him with whatever office licenses p.i.s in your state as well, although we have found that these groups usually refuse to do anything.)

5) Depending on your situation and how brave/gutsy you are, we also recommend that you file a consumer complaint with the Washington, D.C. Office of the Attorney General. When you do this, at some point in the process (depending on whether you do this online, by letter, by fax, by phone, etc.) they will ask you whether you want them to contact Kamau about your complaint. If you say no to this, they will simply add your complaint to their files on Kamau and that will be the end of it, and Kamau will not know you complained. If you want them to try and get your money back, however, you must give them permission to contact Kamau to get his response to your complaint. You should be aware that if the experiences of our group are any indication, you can expect Kamau to swiftly retaliate against you by posting lies about you and your case and possibly also your personal identification info. on one of his many websites. You may also find yourself stalked and harassed in various ways. Worse, the D.C. OAG will not do anything to protect you from this!--see my posted letters from them about this on my blog (address below). The D.C. OAG has also not been at all forthcoming about giving one of the other victims I'm in contact with copies of all complaints against Kamau when he filed an open records request with them.

6) Compare your documentation to mine and see if any of it is similar (it usually is!). Right now, I'm working on a chart that I'll be posting soon that lists victims we currently know about (that I'll be updating regularly) by state only (no names), approx. dates they interacted with Kamau/PCC, total dollar amounts they were defruaded out of, and a simple Y or N as to whether we have any contact info. for them. If you are willing to share your information to add to the chart, please email it to me at This chart will allow us to keep a running tab on amounts people have been defrauded out of and will provide a great deal of helpful information for law enforcement. Although it won't be on the chart, it would be helpful for me to know if you feel you were retaliated against in any way by Kamau or anyone else with the PCC.

7) There are some things you can do to help me personally with my case that might also be important to yours. The main one of these is to obtain copies of the backs of any checks you paid Kamau or anyone else with PCC in order to see who the money was actually paid to as mentioned above. You will need to do this in order to make any kind of fraud case anyway, but it's also important in my case because I have reason to believe that my check backs (which I've posted below) will look very different from yours, even if both of ours were endorsed by Kamau. You could help me even more by emailing me a copy or copies of your check backs (please remove or mark out all account info. first and any other personal info. you don't want to give out--see exs. below). Unlike Kamau, I have a very firm policy of not giving out or posting anything provided to me privately without getting permission first, I always conceal identifying info., and I will take down postings that are not my own if asked to. For my files, I could really use the name of the state you're from, the dates of your first and last interactions with Kamau, the names of any PCC associates involved in your case, the total dollar amount you were defrauded of, and where you've filed formal complaints. Again, please ask any other victims you know of to contact me ASAP.

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